Rohan de Saram (London, UK) in residence @ matralab

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Matralab is proud to welcome musician Rohan de Saram to Montreal to work on the Native Alien project with Sandeep Bhagwati.

Rohan will be working at the matralab/box (EV4.520 and 502) from November 18 to the 25th with the matralab team – Navid Navab and Julian Stein. You are welcome to attend a special research presentation on November 25th at noon in the box (EV4.502).

NATIVE ALIEN is a long term research-creation project – the search for a software that can play in a musically inspiring way with a human music performer-improviser. We are developing this project in close dialogue with a research group on machine improvisation at the IRCAM Centre Pompidou in Paris (Gerard Assayag / Benjamin Levy). Over the past two years, the Native Alien team (Sandeep Bhagwati / Navid Navab) have developed advanced compositional, comprovisational and sonic software architectures that now are being tried, modified and improved upon in close practical collaboration with outstanding solo performers from many different music making traditions around the world. The end product, we hope, will be an immersive environment for live-composition, as well as a musically empathic software that can play in any style, with any adventurous musician.

Rohan de Saram is an artist-in-residence at matralab.