Sandeep Bhagwati named artistic director of Ensemble Extrakte

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matralab director Sandeep Bhagwati has just been named artistic director of a newly founded music ensemble in Berlin.The brainchild of a reputed German new music producer, Elke Moltrecht, Ensemble Extrakte unites renowned musicians from backgrounds as diverse as Iranian, Indian, Chinese, Corean, Armenian, German, Irish, Free Jazz, New Music traditions who all live in Berlin. Working with Bhagwati’s Comprovisation techniques and his extensive background in inter-traditional music creation, the Ensemble’s artistic research aims at a new, post-exotistic kind of global and glocal musicking that can transcend the limitations encountered by so many world fusion music projects.

Extrakte has already given its first concert in Berlin on Jan 27, in the context of the Neuk├Âlln Jazz Festival – a big success with an audience of more than 300 peers and fans. After an intense work phase this spring and summer, more concerts will follow this fall, in Berlin and internationally.