The Jewish Home Beautiful: Revisited

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

19:30 – 21h00

FOFA Gallery

EV 1.715

“The Jewish Home Beautiful” – Revisited is an interactive live art event hosted by Devora Neumark at the FOFA Gallery in conjunction with Congress 2010. The event aims to invite critical reflection about how the deliberate engagement with beauty and home can on the one hand strengthen intracultural alliances, while on the other, perpetuate cycles of violence: in other words, how very often the affirmation of beauty and the settling at home of one population sets into motion homelessness for others. Specifically, “The Jewish Home Beautiful” – Revisited deliberately complexifies and intentionally problematizes the performance of a beautiful Jewish home in light of the Palestinian Diaspora created by Jews settling in the “Promised Land”. The gallery will be the site of a dialogue involving cheesecake, video projections and ritualized gestures. Audience participants will quite literally be invited to take a seat at the table.

Devora Neumark is an artist-in-residence at matralab.