The Riot Ballet – (Work-in-progress showing)

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An international collective creation on themes of protest, riot, and group psychology. Part theatre experience, part living game.

This Saturday (Jan. 16) @ 3pm
Concordia University
John Molson School of Business building (1450 Guy Street). 7th floor. Room 425.

Collaborators: Angelique Wilkie (Concordia Contemporary Dance), Catalina Medina (Bogotá), Emer O’Toole (Concordia Canadian-Irish Studies), James Nesbitt (Vancouver), Martin Andrews (New Mexico), and Noah Drew (Concordia Theatre)

…with consultation from Jonathan Lessard (Concordia Design & Computation Arts) and support from Joseph Browne.

Noah Drew is a faculty researcher at matralab, and Joseph Browne is the technical coordinator at matralab.