“three myths of liberalism” @ Usine C: April 5, 2012

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Adam Basanta will be premiering a new electroacoustic work on April 5th.

“three myths of liberalism” is a large-scale (17:30 minutes, 12 channel surround sound) electroacoustic composition, in which three interrelated aspects of classical liberal ideology are sonically and metaphorically interrogated: the relationship between the individual and the collective, the relation of work to monetary gain, and the search for individual self-fulfillment.
The piece was commissioned by Codes d’accès, a Montreal-based new music organization, alongside a diverse program of new works which include electronic sound, live performance, and visual projection.

April 5th, 8pm, at Usine C (1345 Av. Lalonde, Montreal), $15/20.

Adam Basanta is a masters student at matralab.