Architek is a percussion group based in Montréal, Québec, with a performance focus on avant-garde, experimental, minimalist, and electroacoustic music. Architek is also dedicated to the development of new works by Canadian and American composers, reflecting the dual nationalities of the group’s membership. The group was formed in 2011 at McGill University (where its members were/are students). Since its formation, Architek has staged successful performances in numerous Montreal venues, and at Toronto’s Music Gallery and Gallery 345.

Architek was founded by Noam Bierstone, Mark Morton, Ryan Packard, and Alessandro Valiante. In 2012, Ben Duinker joined the group as Noam departed for graduate studies in Paris. The quartet’s 2012-2013 season will feature a series of concerts in Montreal, as well as other shows around Eastern Canada and the American Northeast. Please check the concerts section for details as they are made available.

Projects by Architek Percussion

Musiques Glocales