Csenge Kolozsvari is an interdisciplinary artist exploring the embodied relationship between thought, movement and sound through the process of change – a transformation by repetition. Through the materiality of sound and movement and the performativity of mundane aesthetic choices (plastic sheets, toys, human bodies, ropes, elevators, aquarium, etc.) she creates multisensory pieces that propose ‘durational escape routes’ for thinking and acting differently.

Her artworks have been exhibited internationally, most recently at Eastern Bloc, Institute of Contemporary Art, Dunaujvaros, (2017) OFF Biennale I-II. Budapest (2016, 2017) the Darling Foundry, University of Amsterdam, (2016), MFA Gallery,The University of Melbourne (2015), FOFA Gallery, Futura Prague (2014). She has participated in residencies across Europe and is the recipient of awards including the National Cultural Fund of Hungary Award, the Stanley Mills Memorial Foundation Fellowship, the Eötvös Hungarian National Scholarship, the Concordia Merit Scholarship, the Carolyn and Richard Renaud Teaching Assistantship Award and the Student grant – SSHRC Partnership Grant ”Immediations” and Step Beyond Travel Grant from the European Cultural Foundation.

She is also part of the Senselab, a laboratory for thought in motion. Here, she is participating in the process-based research-creation at the crossroads of philosophy, art, and activism, focusing on embodied relational movement and emergent collectivities.