Dhruba Ghosh (Born in Bombay, 1957) teaches and lives in Bombay. He is the son of the great Tabla Legend Nikhil Ghosh, who, besides concerting, wrote also the book “Fundamental of raga, with a new system of notation” (Bombay 1968). Dhruba is also the nephew of the flute player Pannalall Ghosh.

After having studied singing and rhythm with his father, he learned the sarangi from the one and only Sagiruddin Khan himself from the school of Bundu Khan. A remarkable musician, Dhruba contributed to develop the sarangi as a soloing instrument.

In the past history, sarangi had been used mainly to accompany the singers, a difficult art which he practices also with such artists as Lakshmi Shankar. Dhruba Gosh has directed for many years the Ghosh family music school in Bombay, where he gained a great experience in pedagogy. He is now a Musical Director, in the Sangit Academy in Brussels.


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