Emanuel Flores obtained his BSc in Business Informatics and MA in Humanistic Studies at ITESM University in Mexico. In 2015, he received a grant given by CONACyT for carrying out research activities in Social Studies of Science and Digital Humanities. From then on, and following his commitment with the obtained award, he got involved with Knowledge Society Groups at ITESM University and participated as an expositor in diverse research colloquiums. Together with his academic appointments, Emanuel Flores has been actively involved in the world of classical music by both participating as a performer in diverse orchestras and ensembles and by promoting an approach to cultural activities within the youths. His personal interests are related to the studies of the social effects and implications of music in specific collectives. As a result of his educational activities and background, he was designated in 2016 as Director and Coordinator of Youth String Orchestras at the Cultural Department within the Social Development Office of Garcia, N.L., Mexico. With the required responsibilities by this position, he also had the opportunity of perceiving different ways that music programs are introduced and received in distinct communities, and due to this cultural and artistic experience, he has become more academically intended towards pursuing a career in music and social sciences. Emanuel Flores is currently completing a Major in Music at Concordia University and constantly looking for spaces in which to develop his ideas and personal interests.

Emanuel is the matralab website manager.