“COMPROVISATIONS – Improvisation Technologies for the Performing Arts” is a workshop during which leading researchers, artists and software developers from Europe, Asia and the Americas will discuss questions and artistic approaches in the emerging and fast-growing field of computer-assisted improvisation in Music, Theatre and Dance. As these technologies transform the aesthetics and practices of stage performance, they also engender new production modes and demand a new understanding from organizers and audiences as to what a “performance” is: a well-rehearsed repetition of a finished work where we admire the sensibility, skill and perfection of the performers ? Or is it something that happens once, just now, only for those present – where we also admire the presence of mind, the openness to context and the beauty of coincidence that lies at the bottom of all performance ? And how does the fact that computers can improvise, too, now, accompanying and guiding the live performers, change our perception of what happens in a performance ?

Over 4 days, from May 24 to 27, 2012, the invited guests at “Comprovisations” will show their work, their research and their art to each other – and will engage in searching questions that will try to understand what improvisation and performance can mean in the digital age. In invitational workshop sessions as well as in five public events, we will explore and discuss the boundaries of performance, humanity and art with some of the most innovative research-creators around the globe.

A Sister Workshop, ImproTech Paris-New York 2012 : Improvisation & Technology, was being held from May 16-18 in New York City.