Cymbeline Materials’ first project, a video performance installation. September 14-18, 2012 in the matrabox.


Video runs approximately 12 minutes.

Three video screens on which are projected simultaneous filmed performances of Imogen.
One mirror with video projections of Iachimo lurking about.
An object (ancient chastity belt on display over a miniature fenced-in lawn).

The audience into a haven-like clearing surrounded by the three rear-projected screens and mirror. In the center of the clearing is the object (chastity belt over fenced-in lawn).

Appropriate for gallery and performance spaces. Can be adjusted according to space.

Filmed in HD. Octophonic soundscape.

Written, directed & produced: Louis Patrick Leroux
Assistant to the director & stage manager: Sara Rodriguez
Text translated: Alexander Rock St-Laurent
Filmed and Edited: Nika Khanjani
Second camera and sound: Roch Michel Thibault
Sound design and editing: Julian Stein
post-synch recording engineer: Drew Barnet
Costumes, props & art direction: Danielle Laurin
Sewer: Sonya Vallis
Makeup and hair: Kyle Purves
Live video projection consultant: Michal Seta
Imogen: Miriam Cummings
Iachimo: Christian Jadah