2015 “Dhvani Sutras” performed by Ensemble Sangeet Prayog


On February 8, 2015, Ensemble Sangeet Prayog premiered Dhvani Sutras at Mazda Hall, Pune, India.

“Dhvani Sutras” makes us aware of an Indian sonic and musical perspective on graphical, animated, verbal comprovisation scores written in the tradition of Western experimental music: realized by 7 classically trained Hindustani musicians they transcend the conventions and sounds of both indic and eurological art music.”

In November 2015, a studio album of Dhvani Sutras was recorded (soon to be released on Underscore Records).

Ensemble Sangeet Prayog is a multi-traditional ensemble project with Pune-based musicians. It was founded in close collaboration between Sandeep Bhagwati of matralab and Sameer Dublay.

Over the course of a year, the experienced musicians of Ensemble Sangeet Prayog Pune, inspired by composer Sandeep Bhagwati, explored the inner recesses of Hindustani music, finding surprising connections and riveting details: the beauty of eternal repetition in lehra-s, the inner symmetries of taal-s, the sheer power of taans – and then re-assembled their musical discoveries into unusual forms, creating astonishing harmonies and surprising textures.



Dhvani Sutras - Smruti Ranga (Pune, 2015)
Dhvani Sutras - Lehra Alphabet (Pune, 2015)
Intra-muros (extrait)