A site-responsive sound and light environment (12 incandescent lightbulbs, 12 channel sound) designed for Eastern Bloc’s “Data: Salon XI” series, Montreal, June 2011.


I wanted to explore some ways in which an energetic audiovisual architecture can interact with the material architecture of Eastern Bloc’s main gallery space.
Through placing 12 lightbulbs and speakers in a fluid asymmetrical grid throughout the space, I attempted to bisect the architectural space using a sloping diagonal line.

At points, each lightbulb function as an independent audiovisual actant, or as responsive agents in larger assemblies: each lightbulb functions as point in a semi-darkened space. Other times, lightbulb groupings operate in unison, bisecting the space laterally and vertically.

While the audiovisual interplay is perceived first and foremost as an interplay between distinct objects in space, it can also be conceived as a more fluid modulation of the visible and navigable space inhabited by the spectator.

“Diagonal (for Eastern Bloc)” takes place through an ~18 minute compositional cycle, separated into 4 interweaved movements. Through a combination of compositional structures and indeterminate techniques, each iteration of the compositional cycle explores the gallery space in a unique manner.