The window from where this recording was made, between midnight and 2am, in July 2009, in Cisnadoara (Michelsberg), Romania


In the summer of 2009, I recorded a wonderful session in Transsylvania. There, in the immediate aftermath of the fall of Ceaucescu in1989, many minorities (Germans, Hungarians) who had been oppressed, snatched at the window of opportunity – and immediately left Roumania. Often, they just packed their suitcases and abandoned their homes – and their dogs and cats.

In the years since, these animals have returned to the wild – and now packs of wild dogs are a real scourge for everyone venturing into the fields and woods. At night, these dogs howl and bark in most interesting patterns. I recorded one hour of one Transsylvanian Summer Night, where, to a chorus of crickets, you can hear the dogs near and far giving a really interesting concert.



Dogs of Transylvania (2009)