2012 “Limits & Renewals” for 6 singers and large orchestra. Commissioned by SouthWest German Radio (SWR) for Festival Eclat Stuttgart 2012. 45 min.


Limits & Renewals received its premiere in February 2012 by the South West German Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Neue Vocalsoloisten Stuttgart under the direction of Matthias Pintscher in the Theaterhaus in Stuttgart as part of the ECLAT New Music Festival. The piece was commissioned by the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn (first movement) and the SWR (second and third movements).

The first movement, “Entrances”, is for large orchestra (duration 20 minutes). The second movement, “Inscapes”, is based on the Gerard Manley Hopkins poem “Spelt from Sibyl’s Leaves” and incorporates six solo singers (duration 10 minutes). The third movement, “Towards” (in composition), also employs the six solo voices, using them as quasi-instruments without poetic text (duration, approximately 15 minutes). All movements can be performed separately.

Instrumentation: 4444.4441 4perc+tmpani, harp, piano & strings (minimum 14-12-10-8-6).




Limits & Renewals - I Entrances
Limits & Renewals - II Inscapes
Limits & Renewals - III Apparitions