interactive sound installation.


Happy incidents await. This world is only waiting for them. Collisions are expected, perturbations are welcome and even necessary. Interactions occur. Inspiration for [IR]rationnel II comes from the surprising sonic discoveries one may make in any given landscape. Our experience of sound and light is dependent on our awareness, presence and movement in a given space. Sometimes we don’t pay attention, on other times we slow down and listen. We may be the cause of the sound, or a result. Our constant interaction with our wolrd influences how we experience it. [IR]rationnel II is a meditation on the surprising discoveries as we move through our daily lives. Our movement within the exhibition space awakens the drones, the hummers and other soundly things. Their movement produces sound. Their interaction within their world affects certain characteristics of their drones and hums. We cannot control them. By our movement within the exhibition space we can perturb, interfere, influence, destabilize… and listen. Let the games begin.

No life was destroyed during the construction of this world but some lives were definitely affected. The Lowpoly 3D world, movement tracking, sound synthesis, physical modeling and interaction are done with 100% free and recyclable software.