Around 27.11.2021, the “Comprovise” festival took place in Vienna as part of Wien Modern, where the extraordinary viola soloist Vincent Royer performed his wild solo version of composer Sandeep Bhagwati comprovisation score “Miyagi Haikus”, which by now has been realized in many different versions. Here is the link to the archived Live-Stream 


You can listen to five versions of the Miyagi Haikus as an album, either as stream or you can even buy an actual CD with an extensive booklet and poems.


One version of this score has particularly moved the composer recently: in Liège (Belgium), “The Unkissed”, a young ensemble of musicians, singers and actors working with Vincent Royer, have developed a chamber music theatrical version of the haikus as a high-energy portent of our dramatic times that leaves you breathless.


They are planning a tour with it… Further information will be soon posted!


Link to the project documentation