2007 “Per / Son / Alia”. Experimental sound theatre. (matralab’s first project).


“Per / Son / Alia”, an experimental sound theatre, examines issues of identity. It is about the eternal conflict between two ways of experiencing the world: that of the bureaucratic, literal, matter-of-fact – and that of myth, magic, and mystery. The actors’ bodies become instruments through Bhagwati’s orchestration, and sound is the battleground in which the two worlds interact and struggle to interpret and alter the soul of humanity. This struggle is augmented by the extraordinary designs created by the Concordia Theatre Department’s Design students that use a stunning array of colour and texture to emphasize the chaotic intersection of myth and mechanization. Composition students from Concordia Music Department have created live music without conventional instruments. Interested in challenging accepted theatre conventions, Bhagwati also makes use of the theatre space in a non-conventional manner.