2013 “warnings written on the wind”, for Daegum (korean bamboo flute), Sheng (chinese mouth organ), Koto (japanese zither), Gayageum (korean zither), Guzheng (chinese zither), Changgu (korean hourglass drum), Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Percussion, Viola, Violoncello, Double Bass


heated air coils sway
warnings from a warmer sun
written on the wind

This haiku complements my composition. I wrote it in a state of discouragement after listening to an interview with a climatologist who detailed all the different ways governments worldwide block any significant advances in climate policy: So much to be done, in so little time – and so little political will to do it.

My music reflects this disenchantment. Like all music, it is literally written on the wind, as fleeting and inconclusive as the resolutions pronounced in Kyoto, Rio, Copenhagen, and Doha. Like these, it is a ritual, but neither holy nor hollow – but full of new beginnings. I hope they can grow and bloom.

Warnings Written on the Wind was commissioned by the Ernst-von-Siemens-Foundation for three ensembles: IIIZAsianArt Ensemble and Ensemble unitedberlin



Sandeep Bhagwati - Warnings Written on the Wind from matralab on Vimeo.


warnings written on the wind (2013)