Fine Arts Black Box. Concordia University Montréal
March 6, 2015 | 9h00-17h00

Workshop/Colloquium. Ten Posters, one Keynote and one Performance

UPHONIAS LIVE STREAM : March 6, 2015 @ 9AM - http://www.ustream.tv/channel/uphonias

In response to Montréal Nouvelles Musiques’ 2015 festival theme “Surroundings and New Technology”, matralab hosts a one-day symposium focused on utopian ideas about sound art in landscape contexts.

Invited artists and theorists present posters of utopian environmental sound art projects and discuss the possibilities of art practices that insert sound into environmental settings. Ten posters will be presented and discussed around the following themes: Les Grands Uphonias, Uphonian Sanctuaries, Irksome Uphonias and Poetics of Uphonia. See the detailed schedule below.

The symposium also includes a keynote by Walter Boudreau and a performance of matralab guest artist Julian Klein’s piece “Interpreters IV” by The Montréal Sound.


  • 9:00h Arrival of participants (Tea, Coffee, Croissants); Opening of Poster Exhibition
  • 9:30h Greetings and Introduction (Adam, Sandeep)
  • 9:45h Les Grands Uphonias
    • 9:45 Grande Symphonie Portuaire (Keynote: Walter Boudreau)
    • 10:10 Tectonic Harp (Nicolas Reeves)
    • 10:35 The Breath of the Earth (Lorella Abenavoli)
  • 11:00 Break. Poster Exhibition
  • 11:15 Uphonian Sanctuaries
    • 11:15 Green Corridor Pocket (Gustavo + Gaelyn Aguilar)
    • 11:40 Untitled (Ariel Bustamante)
    • 12:05 Dix Travaux (Steve Giasson)
  • 12:30 Lunch (we will go to a restaurant or food court nearby)
  • 13:45 Irksome Uphonias
    • 13:45 Border Blasters (Jason Charney)
  • 14:10 Risveglio di un Pianeta (Sandeep Bhagwati)
    • 14:35 The Total Sonic Immersion (Jean François Primeau)
  • 15:00 Break. Poster Exhibition
  • 15:15 PERFORMANCE Julian Klein: Interpreters IV The Montréal Sound
  • 15:40 Poetics of Uphonia
    • 15:40 The Voiceover (Anastasya Koshkin)
    • 16:05 Dessins d’enregistrement (Mario Côté)
  • 16:30 Final Discussion until 17:00


To Invited Participants and the Audience

This is not a normal colloquium, where presentation follows upon presentation, with a few questions in between. Such a format is simply not possible, because a number of the posters submitted will be presented without their authors.

Rather, the timetable of the day and the names attached to these times indicate zones of engagement with the poster: The poster in question will be projected onto the wall, and we take a few minutes to read or absorb it and then shift our discussion to it. Authors of the currently active poster, if present, may say a few words of explanation, but are not required to defend it.

The moderators Adam Basanta and Sandeep Bhagwati will try to keep the discussion on topic (i.e. the poster at hand) and manage the flow of speakers. But ideally, we would aim for a conversational format where one thought leads to another and wild speculations, imaginations and sudden inspirations and are as welcome as scientific observations, practical considerations and political/cultural realities.

While the speakers invited and the authors, if present, should feel the responsibility of doing their share to keep the conversation going, everyone in the room is invited to contribute. On such existential topics as our future in uphonias, intellectual hierarchies make no sense.

Selected Posters

Lorella Abenavoli - The Breath of the Earth
Gustavo + Gaelyn Aguilar - Tug Collective - Green Corridor Pocket Park
Sandeep Bhagwati - Risveglio di un Pianeta
Ariel Bustamante - Untitled
Jason Charney - Border Blasters - diplomacy through sound
Mario Côté - Dessins Denregistrement
Steve Giasson - 10 Travaux
Anastasya Koshkin - The Voiceover
Jean Francois Primeau - The Total Sonic Immersion
Nicolas Reeves + Nxi Gestatio - Tectonic Harp