Founded in 1998, the ever-changing Ensemble SuperMusique is one of the few Canadian ensembles entirely devoted to “musique actuelle” and free improvisation. Different composers/musicians from the ensemble itself alternate as leader of the band, but very rarely conduct the ensemble orchestra-style. The repertoire of the Ensemble SuperMusique comprises works by leading “musique actuelle” and improv stalwart composers from both the Canadian and international scenes.

Their compositions range from graphic scores to traditionally notated ones; in certain specific cases, they could even resort to orally transmitted instructions. The ensemble’s musicians play a very important role both as performers and improvisers. Quite often, they receive specific instructions not to blend in the ensemble’s sound; on the contrary, they are to be considered as soloists, and as such hired for their sonic specificity.

This musicians have developed over the years a significant understanding of “musique actuelle”’s specific musical idiom and as such have been widely recognized as accomplished masters.

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