Katie Ward develops score-based imagination practices for live performance, which explore flattened hierarchies and specific frameworks for self-directed expression for collaborators. Katie’s work examines the never-ending cocreation between imagination and reality. Her works invite performers and audience to surrender to change, flow, and spontaneity. Invention and imagination are at the core of these processes.

CKW’s recent projects draw directly on dance and choreography, specifically the works: Anything Whatsoever (2021), imaginationreality (2019), Human Synthesizer (2017), Infinity Doughnut (2014), and Rock Steady (2010). Other projects include Vagabond Body, Machine for Really Real Imaginaries, Matière Grise, Imagination Installation — these works took place in galleries, on radio broadcasts and in other non-conventional spaces. In 2018, Katie obtained a Master of Theatre Practises from Artez University (Arnhem Netherlands).


Projects by Katie Ward

Dream Room