Tzu-En NGIAO (饒子恩) was originally trained as an engineer. After finishing his studies in Electronic Engineering at the University of Hull, he worked for 5 years in the semiconductor design industry in his hometown Penang, Malaysia. In 2011, he completed his graduate studies in music composition under the tutelage of Johan Othman at Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang. As a result of his background in science and engineering, he has developed a composition technique whereby musical materials are constructed and organized in a highly mathematically precise manner but which serves the ultimate quest for poetic vision and expression in sound. Recent works include Inconsequentials for piano, which was one of the selection pieces at the HSBC Piano Competition 2008; A Precipitation of Sparrows for solo flute, premiered in the KL Contemporary Music Festival 2009 by Bettina Junge of Ensemble Mosaik from Germany; The Quiet Affinities of Undissolved Lights for flute and piano, premiered by Daiske Kino-Shita from Japan in 2012; I Adore a Socially Awkward Child for electronics premiered in the Yogyakarta Contemporary Music Festival 2009; verses of passion my teeth-tone son for 14 chamber musicians and Gazelle Rain Petals for orchestra, both written for the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO) Forumplus 2009/10 for Malaysian composers; and Feminione, commissioned for chinese orchestra. He also participated in a collaborative effort to compose musical numbers and designing musical soundscapes for the play “A Modern Woman Called Ang Tau Mui”, which was premiered in Penang and Kuala Lumpur in 2011. He recently began his doctoral studies on a potential framework for mapping musical logic into visual narratives under the supervision of Sandeep Bhagwati and Sha Xin Wei at the Hexagram research centre in Concordia University, Montreal.

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