Thanks to an “Explore and Create” Grant from the Canada Council for the Arts, Linda Bouchard is developing her project Live Structures from September 2017 until February 2020 in collaboration with matralab in Montreal (Concordia University).
Linda Bouchard is collaborating with Technical Coordinator/ Designer Joseph Browne to build a tool called Ocular Score™ that creates graphical scores from the analysis of complex textures.

To date, the team has developed two versions of Ocular Scores™. The first version creates images that are exported into musical scores. These scores can be printed on paper or loaded into iPads for the performers to follow in a traditional fashion.
The second version of Ocular Scores™ creates projected scores in real time, analyzing the sound from one or several musicians, drawing images, and projecting them onto large screens with no delay for another musician or group of musicians to interpret. The composer manipulates the images, also in real time, using presets that control the amplitude, frequency range, shapes, color, and other musical parameters.
In this context, Ocular Scores™ is not strictly a notation system — it is an interactive performance tool and platform. The essential visual language of Ocular Scores™ is at once intuitive and precise.

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Sample of Graphic score to be printed here
Sample of Graphic Score created in real time here
Premiere Murmuration – Murmure at La Nuit Blanche March 2019  with  Lori Freedman, Alexandre St-Onge and Joseph Browne here 
Drop with Kyle Brenders at Banff here

Linda Bouchard

Linda Bouchard was born in Val d’Or and grew up in Montreal. She lived in New York City from 1979 to 1991. She was composer in residence at the National Arts Center for the Arts Orchestra from 1992-1995.  She is based in San Francisco since 1997.  Linda is active as a composer, orchestrator, conductor, teacher and producer. Her works have received awards in Canada and in the US, including a Prix Opus Composer of the Year in Quebec, Fromm Music Foundation Award, Princeton Composition Contest, several SOCAN Composition awards and residencies from the Rockefeller Foundation, Civitella Ranieri, Camargo Foundation and others. Bouchard’s music is recorded on ECM in Germany, CRI in the USA and CBC, Analekta, Marquis Classics, RCI, Centredisks in Canada. In 2015, Bouchard received a Fleck Fellowship at the Leighton Artist Colony. She was a Visiting Associate Professor in the Department of Music at UC Berkeley during the spring 2016. In 2017, Linda was awarded the Hugh Davidson Commissioning Prize to compose a new work for the Victoria Symphony Orchestra.

During the last ten years, she has been exploring the intersection of traditional artistic practices and new technologies through collaborations with dance, live video, text, written music and improvised music.

Joseph Browne

Joseph Browne is a musician, composer, and new media artist based in Montreal.
His work encompasses: sound design for theatre and film, audio production, interactive design, computer music and performance.



Sample of Graphic score to be printed
Sample of Graphic Score created in real time
Murmuration Premiere at Nuits blanch with Lori Freedman, Alexandre St-Onges and Joseph Browne
Drop with Kyle Brenders at Banff Centre for the Arts