Site-specific performance for horn & field recordings. June 8, 2011 & June 11, 2012 – St-Urbain Underpass, Mile End (Montréal)


An immersive multi-channel sound performance in a high-traffic 200 meter long underpass. The intention of the piece was to create a soundscape of layered harmony and field recordings that responded to the dense transient activity taking place in the space. Through usurping the volume and density of the cars, bicycles and trains driving through and overhead, the traffic sounds became instruments in the piece- creating wave-like sound movements.

Performance by Jen Reimer + Max Stein
Curated in collaboration with Suoni per Il Popolo and Eric Mattson
Presented as part Suoni per Il Popolo Festival 2011/12 and Ghosts of Public Spaces/Actions!