matralab is a research space of inter-x art directed by Sandeep Bhagwati at Concordia University in Montréal. We are dedicated to using interdisciplinary art practice to bridge the gap between emerging art forms and their aesthetic reflection.

Our research is leading to the establishment of a practical and theoretical framework for the creation and evaluation of interdisciplinary, intercultural, intermedia and interactive art.


O V A L @ Currents 2014 Santa Fe International Arts Festival

Last month, Lenka Novakova and Otso Lahdeoja traveled to Santa Fe, New Mexico to install their work O V A L at the Currents 2014 Santa Fe International Arts Festival. O V A L was originally conceived in the matrabox and installed in the Hexagram Blackbox in late 2014. O V A L is a large-scale […]

Noiseborder Ensemble meets matralab, University of Windsor

matralab artists Sandeep Bhagwati, Adam Basanta, Jen Reimer, Max Stein, Julian Stein, Navid Navab and Felix Del Tredici will travel to the University of Windsor to present their work collectively and individually.   Please stay tuned for more details.

Prof. Dr. Cornelius Pöpel- guest researcher at matralab

Prof. Dr. Cornelius Pöpel, Lecturer in Sound for Media at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences will be guest researcher at matralab in late September/October 2013. The research field he will be working on can be described with the words „human aspects in media“ and he is focusing on specific music related intermedia aspects and the […]

Dr. Gascia Ouzounian at matralab

Dr Gascia Ouzounian, Lecturer in the School of Creative Arts at Queen’s University Belfast, was a Guest Researcher at Matralab in August 2013. During her time at Matralab Gascia met with collaborators forOptophono, a label for interactive music and sound art she founded in 2013. She designed the Web sitewww.recomposingthecity.org, which documents the work of […]

O V A L- Lenka Novakova & Otso Lähdeoja

O V A L : sound – glass – video installation by Otso Lähdeoja & Lenka Novakova O V AL is a collaborative audiovisual installation by two Matralab-related researchers; Otso Lähdeoja and Lenka Novakova. 10 sheets of glass are hanging from the ceiling in an oval shape, vibrating and emitting sound. Video is projected on […]


Several of Sandeep Bhagwati’s essays, both written in 2011, have now appeared in recent books. His essay “Imagining the Other’s Voice. On Composing Across Vocal Traditions“, has appeared in “Vocal Music and Contemporary Identities” ed. by F. Lau and Chr. Utz (Routledge, London/New York)  http://www.routledge.com/books/details/9780415502245/ and his essay “Bhava and Rasa: Creative Misunderstandings and Musical Universals” […]

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