matralab is a research space of inter-x art directed by Sandeep Bhagwati at Concordia University in Montréal. We are dedicated to using interdisciplinary art practice to bridge the gap between emerging art forms and their aesthetic reflection.

Our research is leading to the establishment of a practical and theoretical framework for the creation and evaluation of interdisciplinary, intercultural, intermedia and interactive art.




Vitrine Sonore

Adam Basanta: Artist-in-Residence in Turku, Finland (Sep-Oct 2015)

Adam Basanta’s “The Sound of Empty Space” a Finalist in the FETA Prize in Sound Art

“Euthymia”, Multi-Channel Installation, in the matralab Black Box

“Let This Sound Slowly Dissipate” Video by Ralitsa Doncheva

Chantale Laplante: Présentation du projet assi/terre, Vitrine Sonore 2015, Sporobole

Noah Drew at the Magnetic North Festival, Ottawa

Chantale Laplante : artiste en résidence du 18 mai au 7 juin

Sneak Preview of Sandeep Bhagwati’s DHVANIVALA in Munich

Devora Neumark in Poland: DouBle-Stéréo (DBS)

Sandeep Bhagwati: MASTERCLASS at Lübeck Music University

Lenka Novakova’s Appearances January – June, 2015

Lenka Novakova at the CONTEMP Art 15, Contemporary Art Conference in Istanbul, Turkey

‘PARE’, Residency with TML (Topological Media Lab)

NUCLEAR SKY in Printemps Numérique

TERRORS OF THE BREAKFAST TABLE – an interactive video installation

New Video of Adam Basanta’s Installation “The sound of empty space.”

Uphonias Symposium will be live streamed!

Location Change: Let This Sound Slowly Dissipate” Concert

Adam Basanta on CKUT’s “Underground Sounds”

Adam Basanta releases “Memory is the residue of thought”

Dhvani Sutras: An Evening of Indian Music Exploration @ Mazda Hall (Pune, India)

Sandeep Bhagwati’s “Rives & Dérives II” and “Rives & Dérives III” @ SARC (Belfast)

POEMS AS SCORES: A Conversation with Sandeep Bhagwati @ TARQ Gallery (Mumbai)

Sandeep Bhagwati: “Making Harmony” Symposium @ FLAME (Pune, India)

Jen Reimer + Max Stein Release “Lisboa / Skagaströnd” Tape

Malcolm Goldstein: “Sound Structures” Concert Series @ Casa del Popolo

Adam Basanta on CKUT’s “If You Got Ears”

Adam Basanta: “a glass is not a glass” @ Harvard University

Adam Basanta: “synchronicity ain’t no thing” @ De Montfort University

STEER @ Hexagram Black Box Studio

Adam Basanta: “synchronicity ain’t no thing” Premiere @ SARC (Belfast)

Compagnia Finzi Pasca Presents “Bianco su Bianco” @ Place des Arts

Devora Neumark: “Faire bon ménage” Performance @ France Terre d’asile (Amiens)

Devora Neumark: “Déplacements contraints” Talk @ Logis du Roy (Amiens)

Marie-Hélène Breault: ECM+ Génération2014 @ Conservatoire de Montréal

Niko Solorio Directs “Love At First Sight” Video

Jane Tingley & Michał Seta Present “Re-Collect” @ ISEA (Dubai)

Adam Basanta: Onde_symbiotique @ Akousma XI Festival


Comprovisation Systems: Lecture-Concert

Uncovering Space: A Symposium

Writing the Unforeseen. How to improvise through scores.

Webern Clockwork: 12h Durational Performance


Ludwig Berger presents “YOU WILL HAVE BEEN HERE” @ matrabox

matralab Artist in Residence: Ludwig Berger

Adam Basanta’s “The sound of empty space” Installation @ Galerie B312

matralab explore vii: Marie-Hélène Breault, Guy Pelletier & Terri Hron