The fourth TENOR conference will continue to offer a lively forum for current research into situative scores, softwares, hardwares, performance practices and theories of music notation and representation, but we also intend to expand the scope of the conference by calling for papers on:

  • critical, aesthetic and sociological examinations of the interactions between new notation technologies and performance
  • notation technologies for non-eurological and/or non-art music (incl. never-before-notated music)
  • notation/representation technologies for time-based arts beyond music (dance, performance art, 
theatre, circus arts, animation, film etc.)
  • notations for space, gesture, movement etc.
  • non-visual notation systems (tactile, aural, olfactory, etc.)
  • digital games as notation (music as game)
  • notation and neurocognition (how does music notation work? which interactions/relationships can exist 
between specific notation technologies and neurocognition?)

In addition to papers, TENOR 2018 also calls for musical works using animated, rule-based, reactive, interactive or other situational and technology-based scores, to be read or performed during the conference.