Max Stein is a sound artist based in Montréal. His work explores urban soundscapes through electroacoustic composition, online mapping, sound installations, and site-specific performances.

Stein designed and runs the Montréal Sound Map (2008-present), an ongoing Google-maps based archive of sound recordings uploaded by inhabitants and visitors from various locations around the city. He has since collaborated on several other sound mapping projects including TSIKAYA, Oljud Sthlm, My Favorite Brussels Sound, the Belfast Sound Map.

He has presented sound installations and performances in Montréal galleries including OBORO, Société des arts technologiques, Bibliothèque Nationale du Québec, Espace Projet, VAV Gallery, Espace Cercle Carré, and La Sala Rossa.

Max Stein is a matralab research assistant.

Projects by Max Stein


Montréal Sound Map

Montreal Sound Map Soundtracks I

Music for Lamps

Noiseborder meets matralab

Sound & Architecture

Sounding the City

St-Urbain Underpass

Uncovering Space

Urban Ruins & the Industrial Soundscape

Villes LuminoSoniques – LuminoSoniCities

Wellington Tunnel

News about Max Stein

Lisboa Soa festival


Send + Receive Festival – Jen Reimer & Max Stein

Jen Reimer & Max Stein at Les Digitales (Lausanne)

Äänen Lumo: Jen Reimer/Max Stein/Adam Basanta (Helsinki)

Jen Reimer, Max Stein & Adam Basanta @ McGill MMR

Noiseborder Ensemble meets matralab, University of Windsor

Music for 12 Domestic Lamps @ Cafe Zosha

Wellington Tunnel- Jen Reimer + Max Stein + Adam Basanta

matralab @ Goethe-Institut: Villes LuminoSoniques – LuminoSoniCities

Jen Reimer + Max Stein + Adam Basanta – Site-Specific Performance: Nov 15, 2012

“Room Dynamics” by Adam Basanta @ NAISA Space (Toronto)

Archives Sonores et Voix Radio: Sept 13-15, 2012

Art POP – AND NO ONE WAS AROUND – September 23, 2011